Unemployment #2: Put the !!! in Exercise

January 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

But seriously…

Let me play the doctor for a moment and attempt to remind everyone that exercise is really important, even more so when you’re unemployed. Why?

You lost even the most minor routine that gave your fat butt even just a little exercise: Getting up, showering, walking to your car (or work), walking around the office or restaurant or retail space.

Learning how to fit exercise into your unemployment routine is just as important as learning how to party. Although parties and hanging out with friends can boost your self-esteem, exercise releases endorphins into the brain which also help you to stay positive (kinda like that Hold Steady album, though not much he sings about is awesomely uplifting).

Like most people, exercise never comes first: no time, no energy, too much work, the kids need so much attention, blah blah blah.

Yet, take any person (young, middle age, old), have them lose the weight, cover up or mend the bad skin, get a new haircut, and what you basically have is an attractive human being. The days, months, years that you stay jobless could be the most physically fit years of your life!

Meditation is nice too, but meditating for twenty minutes a day isn’t going to tone your flabby American skin to Adonis-like firmness. Actually, not much will do that but several hardcore workouts with personal trainers. Seriously, establish a weekly exercise routine and force yourself to adhere to your plan.

At the very least, exercise will keep you from gaining weight and not fitting into your suits when the all-important interview arrives.

If you don’t have any spare cash for a gym…well…I don’t know…

Yes, I do. Exercise, stripped of the gyms, trainers, and equipment is free!!! Run! Walk! Push-ups on the floor! All free!

Sponsored by Exercise, You Jerk.


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