Interview #3: The Big-Bad Interview, Part 1, September 2010

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Big-Bad Interview.

We all have had or will have an awful interview at some point in our lives. Unless, however, you are a computer nerd because you are always expected to suck in social situations, and considering that I just said “computer nerd” means that I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to technical careers.

This interview was a horrible crime scene, a high-profile accident, like the jet engine crashing into Donnie Darko‘s house. It involved many circumstances: ones I could have controlled and others that were in a different dimension entirely.

To be honest I wasn’t prepared for what lay ahead, but like anyone unaware of the reanimated alien corpse awaiting in the walls while you creep along with your stealth armor and your M-16, I’m not sure that the surprise treatment I received was completely my fault.

Part 1:Obtaining my OLLC license.

I signed up for a class at a Rogue Alehouse, a Oregon based brand that has gradually accumulated popularity nationwide, and happened to be the same company that I had recently acquired an interview with the very next day.

In fact, I wrote about this very same experience in a different blog. Here it is, edited for the sake of keeping your interest:

I had my liquor training class today (whoa, still don’t have job) and it was at one of the Rogue Ale locations. This is interesting because tomorrow I interview with Rogue at a different location.

One of the women at my training class, was already an employee of Rogue, her job title is “Ninja,” pretty rad, eh? On our first break, she talked about how she was from San Francisco and that it was “the most fucked up place” and that “I’ll never fucking go back.”

She then decided to mention some of the reasons, “I was in an awful civil litigation lawsuit, dealt with terrible lawyers, etc…”

She lets the reasons roll off her tongue, in an unpretentious and unstupid way. Then she just rips out the “I witnessed a murder,” and I am thinking, “Hardcore!” Okay, not really, it was more along the lines of “what a shitty deal.”

Yep, she witnessed a murder and decided to bail out of San Fran.

She also offered to introduce me to the CEO and owner of Rogue Ales (they were in the same room!). While engrossed in an important meeting, however, is not the time you want to meet any prospective employee. I could have waited around until **** was finished with her test, but anxious as I am, I left thinking I would just bring up our meeting in my interview the next day.



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